Tchaba Tea Selection
Tchaba provides a fully handcrafted, biodegradable sachet of full leaf tea, spices, and
herbs, tailor-made to suit your moods and transport you along a combination of flavors
to a place of complete satisfaction;
Royal Breakfast – Morning
“A mild blend of black tea leaves”
Green Tea Curls – Night
“Green tea leaves”
Earl Grey Flora - Morning
“Black tea, bergamot oil & violets”
Jasmine Haze - Night
“White tea & jasmine blossom”
Moroccan Nights - Anytime
“Green tea & mint”
Chamomile Breeze
Ginger Calm
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All prices are subject to 10% service & 16% tax
Coffee Cocktails
Trattoria Coffee
Amaretto & cappuccino
Irish Mexican Coffee
Jameson Whiskey, Kahlua, American coffee
& whipped cream
Creamy Chocolate
Tia Maria, Baileys & hot chocolate
Hot Drinks
Nespresso Coffee
Ristretto Nespresso
Lungo Nespresso
Leggero (Cappuccino)
Decaffeinated Nespresso
Coffee Latte
Turkish coffee