*served with French fries
Classic Burger
Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles &
Emmental cheese
7.95 JD
Flaming Burger (S)
Spicy with tomato, mushrooms, onion,
coriander, lettuce & pickles
7.95 JD
Nub Burger (mushroom lovers)
With mozzarella cheese, shiitake, oyster
& button mushrooms mixed with herbs
7.95 JD
Falafel Burger (V)
Fried falafel patty served with a hummus
dip, tomato, pickles & a dash of sumac
3.95 JD
Philly Steak Sandwich
Served with melted cheese in
baguette bread
7.50 JD
Spicy Chicken Avocado Sandwich (S)
Served with multi cereal brown bread
5.95 JD
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (V)
Melted cheddar cheese with tomato &
basil in toast bread
4.95 JD
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Served in baguette bread with cream
cheese & ginger relish
7.50 JD
New Crispy Chili Cheese Taco (S)
Chili beef, red cheddar cheese, tomato
salsa lettuce & avocado
7.50 JD
New Crispy Vegetable Taco (V)
Tomato salsa, cheese, lettuce, spring onion,
avocado, kidney beans, sweet corn & bell pepper
7.50 JD
New Brisket Sliders
Thinly sliced brisket served with
French fries, barbeque sauce & spicy mayo
Slider Platter (3 PSC)
Nub, Flaming & Classic
12.00 JD
New Lamb Chops
Served with baked potato & gravy sauce
12.50 JD
New Beef Escallop
Served with buttered mashed potato & gravy sauce
12.50 JD
New Grilled Salmon
Served with spinach, baby potato & cream lemon sauce
14.00 JD
New Braised Tender Chicken
Served with vegetables, grilled potato & your choice of lemon
capers sauce or mushroom sauce
5.75 JD
Vini Sushi & Maki Platter(12 PSC)
Salmon, tuna & shrimp sushi with tailored makis
18.00 JD
Fish & Chips
With tartar sauce
7.75 JD
New Steak Lovers
Angus Fillet 230gr
Served with baby vegetables, homemade finger pota-
toes and sautéed mushrooms, with au jus sauce
24.95 JD
Tender Beef Fillet 220gr
Served with sautéed vegetables & potato
with your choice of pepper or mushroom sauce
16.50 JD
Ribeye Steak 350gr
Served with sautéed broccoli, jacket potatoes
with your choice of pepper or mustard sauce
24.95 JD
Tender Baby Veal 220gr
Grilled veal medallions topped with crunchy vegeta-
bles, Parmesan cheese, oregano & marinara sauce
19.00 JD
Lamb Chops 210gr
Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable ratatouille,
with a hint of mint sauce
16.50 JD
(V): Vegetarian  ; (S): Spicy
all prices are subject to sales tax & service charge