February News 2016
Best Spender Guest
Mr. Fares Nasri Haddad
(Marquise Card Holder)

Best Visitor Guest
Ms. Sarah Diken
(Brilliant Card Holder)

Survey Winner
Mr. Waleed Jazzar
(Baguette Card Holder)

Let’s talk about Love

Its time to celebrate with your loved ones, this Valentine’s Day at one of ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s outlets.. read more
HARFOUSH blazes it

Ahmed Harfoush, our famous jazz vocalist from Cairo raged Oobé in December. With the best of the new world and... read more
Tree Huggers ‘r us

We admit it we’re tree huggers, no two ways about it. We enjoyed every moment of National Tree Day this year on 15th of January... read more

Bottle caps, tins and green wheelz

We’re always looking for ways to help the community. We jumped on this initiative when we heard about it through the Art Of Living Foundation and ... read more

A flat with a view, anyone?

Wild Jordan Center Lodges are ready, come by and check them out! They are long stay rentals with a simple environmentally friendly modern atmosphere... read more
Seasonal, local and fresh

If this is what you’re looking for, drop by the Wild Jordan Center and have an exceptional experience at one of the dining spaces.. read more

For more info. #followtheleaf or call 0797711177