January News 2016
Best Spender Guest
Ms. Ayah Jarrah
(Baguette Card Holder)

Best Visitor Guest
Mr. Yasin Sabha
(Brilliant Card Holder)

Survey Winner
Mr. Rami Nasereddin
(Baguette Card Holder)

ATICO Wish Tree came to life

On Saturday 26th of December 2015, Santa with his ATICO helpers, visited SOS Children’s Village,... read more
We bid the festive season farewell

The last two weeks of 2015 at ATICO Fakhreldin Group outlets, witnessed various activities and ... read more
Got Fondue?

Yup we sure do! Witness our famous fondue nights every Monday at Trattoria. You get to choose between ... read more

Harfoush got us into the groove

The talented Harfoush, from Egypt, got us into the perfect mood. His feverish jazzy tunes ignited an amazing atmosphere... read more

Nai-ght before Christmas

Oobé reminisced the golden Nai era and got everyone dancing. DJ Wael certainly knew how to spin the needle and the cheery ... read more

We had a few lucky winners on the 23rd of December 2015. Santa cards were placed underneath customer ... read more

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